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Many children are afraid of dogs especially If the dog is much larger than they are. However, some children are fearless.

It is very common for young children to approach stranger dogs without any regards to the temperament of the dog. So many children, run up, put their face in the dog’s face and want to pet and hug and jump on top of the dog out of excitement…this is etiquette that should be taught.

It is the parent’s responsibility to educate their child on proper ways to meet a new dog. It is also the responsibility of the owner to inform strangers and children, that approach their dog, if he is friendly and when it is ok to pet him.

According to A CDC study conducted 64.9% of dog bite injuries were to the head or neck on children age 4 years and younger. 42% of dog bites were to children age 14 years or younger. Dog bites occurred most often when the dog was approached rapidly and when the parent was preoccupied and/or when the owner was not focused on the dog.

Start educating your children now! Ask to pet first! Never assume every dog is friendly towards children! Never let your child run up to pet a stranger dog without asking first!

Off Leash K9 Training can train your dog to be obedient around others and give you confidence in knowing that if a child does approach your dog, you as an owner can correct any unwanted behaviors.

If you have a dog that could use some obedience, or maybe you need a confidence booster with your dog around distractions. We can help. (504) 872-3813 or email: [email protected]