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In today’s society the highlights on the nightly news seems to always revolve around crime and its victims. No matter what your age is or how rich or poor you are, crime does not discriminate. Anyone at any given time can become a statistic without warning. Taking necessary precautions and being prepared are key items in protecting yourself and your family.

Most burglaries occur during day time hours when most homeowners are at work or away from their residence. These criminals are often willing to take a chance in hopes of avoiding been seen by people, but are less likely to chance being bitten when entering a home that has a dog. The bark of a BIG dog is always threatening, but even a small dog’s bark can bring quick attention to an unwanted situation and is likely to send a typical burglar to search for a more easy opportunity. The Department of Justice has reported that “On average, burglarized houses are less likely to have dogs than are non-burglarized houses, suggesting that dog ownership is a substantial deterrent.”

While having a dog to bark and frighten away unwanted guests while you are gone is great, but having a well-trained household pet is something that will give you peace of mind knowing that your family is safe when they are home. Through proper training of your “average pet”, you can take control in securing your home and your family.

From basic and advanced obedience training, to specialized personal and family protection training, Off Leash K9 Training, LLC can turn your dog into a crime fighting tool. Based in Northern Virginia, Off Leash K9 has facilities throughout the United States and specializes in private lessons, dog behavior consultations, and teaching the owners how to understand why their dogs do the things they do. This helps create a stronger bond between the owner and their dog. While growing that bond, your dog will learn how to listen as commanded by you and to provide unconditional loyalty and protection during times of need. Our trainers, who come from military and law enforcement background, take special care and guidance with each dog’s instruction. From the initial consultation to the final training session, you can be assured that your dog will be receiving the best training offered in the industry. Any breed, any size, any age. Contact Off Leash K9 Training today and “Let the bond with your K9 be UNLEASHED!”

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