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A service dog is a kind of a support dog which is usually used by disabled people to help them. A service dog is different from a therapy dog. A service dog must perform two specific task for its owner. People with blindness or diabetic patients are usually seen with their service dogs. Military personals use service dogs as well. However, the questions that rise are usually:

• How to make my dog a service dog?
• Are there any trainers that can make my dog a service dog?
• Can I train my dog as a service dog myself?
• What kind of a dog should I get to train it as a service do?

Well, all of these questions are answered below briefly:

A dog at the right age:
Usually people are more interested in buying a puppy so they can train it as a service dog. A puppy is affectionate and cheerful no doubt, but they usually do not have the right level of intelligence needed to be trained as service dogs.
On the other hand, young dogs over the age of 6 months is a better option to be trained as a service dog. This is because they have a higher level of intelligence and they tend to learn things quickly. They are usually easy to train.

The right types of dogs:
This is another scenario that shows that different dogs can perform different tasks as a service dog. just about all dogs can be trained as service dogs in that matter, unless they have aggressive behaviors towards animals or people.

Firms or Training Centers:
Many  training centers provide excellent service in training your domestic dog as a service dog. The training centers may take about 4 to 8 weeks but the results are exceptional.  Usually people are heard saying that their dog has become much more obedient. This is because the training centers have a staff that has been dealing with this topic for a long time now.
We have trainers who know how to connect with the animal. They know how to go about a certain process. If they want the dog to sit, they will spend time teaching the dog  how to do that.
Train your dog at home:
You can look up the ways to train your dog personally. However, the drawback about that is that it may take you much longer to do that. The dog might get exhausted if you’re trying too much. The training you give might fade off from the animal’s mind after a while. So if you’re doing it at home, do it wisely.

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